PhD program In Modena at UNIMORE

It is now opened the call for the PhD program in Physics and Nano Sciences at UNIMORE, Modena, Italy.

This interdisciplinary Course aims at learning developing and applying experimental techniques and advanced theoretical / computational methods for the study of matter and systems at the micro- and nanoscale. Further aspects of fundamental or applied Physics are also objectives of the Course. Doctoral students have access to local laboratories with advanced instrumentation (materials deposition, lithography, microscopy, spectroscopy, low temperature physics, biophysics) as well as to international facilities (synchrotrons, supercomputing, high magnetic field, electron microscopy) and they have the opportunity to participate at national / international research networks with stays abroad.

Since several of the UNIMORE faculty members (ex: Elisa Molinari) are also CNR-NANO researchers, the proposed PhD programs include several theoretical projects within our group.

All proposals are described here.

There are 7 positions available, 6 of each covered by scholarships. The admission requirements are Italian second level degree (laurea specialistica, or laurea magistrale) or Italian degree obtained prior to D.M. 509/99 or equivalent qualification obtained abroad.

For more information visit Unimore, dottorati di ricerca, or contact us directly.