• Workshop on Electronic Crystals ECRYS-2022
    The International School and Workshop on Electronic Crystals ECRYS-2022 is a tri-annual conference series  which have been running  in France since 1993. The  meeting  will be host by the Institute of Scientific Studies in Cargese, Corsica, France  (Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse) from the 8th to the 22nd of August 2022. The conference puts together lectures
  • PhD program In Modena at UNIMORE
    It is now opened the call for the PhD program in Physics and Nano Sciences at UNIMORE, Modena, Italy. This interdisciplinary Course aims at learning developing and applying experimental techniques and advanced theoretical / computational methods for the study of matter and systems at the micro- and nanoscale. Further aspects of fundamental or applied Physics
  • Participation in the CMQM conference
    Massimo Rontani will present Monolayer WTe2 and pressurized  MoS2 as Ideal Excitonic Insulators as invited speaker in The Condensed Matter and Quantum Materials (CMQM) conference hosted by the University of Bath, held the 20-22 June 2022. Giacomo Sesti will present Excitonic vs Mott insulator in carbon nanotubes: A proposed experimental test.
  • Evidence of the long sought Excitonic insulator in WTe2 monolayers
    A condensate of excitons was theoretically conjectured in the 1960s but has been challenging to pinpoint experimentally. A recent study coordinated by Massimo Rontani from Cnr Nano and David Cobden from the University of Washington present evidence that the two-dimensional bulk of monolayer tungsten ditelluride, WTe2, contains electrons and holes bound by Coulomb attraction that
  • Excitonic insulator in bulk MoS2 under pressure
    Cnr-Nano Modena researchers predict the possibility of observing – experimentally and unambiguously – an excitonic insulator in bulk molybdenum disulfide, at pressure and temperature accessible in a lab facility.